Sep 27 2017

Robbery at Electrical Store in Capalaba 26 Sept 2017

Robbery Charges in Capalaba

A man and woman have been charged following a robbery at an electrical store in Capalaba yesterday, 26 Sept 2017.

Sep 22 2017

Southern Phone

Southern Phone Company

Southern Phone Company is one of the largest and most successful providers of fixed line, mobile and Internet communications services in regional Australia.
It was formed in 2002 after receiving $4.77 million in funding from the Australian Government’s Networking the Nation scheme, and has since returned over $14.8 million in dividends and grants for the benefit of regional communities.

Sep 18 2017

AirBnB in Brisbane Bayside

AirBnB Hosting in Brisbane Bayside

A bit of spare time and a spare room. That’s all you need to get started earning extra income as a host on Airbnb.

Whether you want to become an entrepreneur and work for yourself or you already have a full-time job and just hope to make some extra cash in your free time, you can find what you’re looking for on Airbnb.

Sep 15 2017

Robbery in Cleveland 9 Sept 2017

Robbery, Cleveland Saturday September 9th 2017

Police are continuing their investigation into the robbery and assault of two 16-year-old boys at Cleveland on Saturday September 9.

Around 9.30pm, two males approached the pair and instigated an argument at the Cleveland Showgrounds.

Sep 01 2017

Attempted Murder, Capalaba. 1st Sept 2017

Attempted Murder Charge, Capalaba

A man has been charged with attempted murder after a man was allegedly set on fire at Capalaba earlier today, sustaining life threatening injuries.

Around 9am, it will be alleged the 34-year-old man poured an accelerant on a 65-year-old man, who was asleep in bed at a Teesdale Road residence.

Sep 01 2017

Rainfall in Redlands

Average Rainfall in Redlands, Queensland

November 2016 and June 2017 both had the highest rain per month, in the last 12 months, each with about 137/138mm of rain for the month.
August 2017 was the driest month with 5.8mm of rain. This was a lot drier than the previous August which had 42.2mm.

Sep 01 2017

Temperature in Redlands

Average Temperature in Redlands, Queensland

The coldest 9am Temperature was 12.9 °C on 2nd July 2017, and the highest 9am temperature in that cool month was 18.3 °C, on the 18th.
The coldest 3pm Temperature was  16.1 °C on 7th July 2017, and the highest 3pm temperature in that month was 23.9 °C, on the 5th.

The warmest 9am Temperature was 29.9 °C on 13th February 2017, and the lowest 9am temperature in that warm month was 24.0 °C, on the 28th.
The warmest 3pm Temperature was 31.0 °C on 8th January 2017, and the lowest 3pm temperature in that warm month was 22.2 °C, on the 3rd.

Sep 01 2017

Grievous Bodily Harm, Alexandra Hills. 31 Aug 2017

Grievous bodily harm, Alexandra Hills. 31st August 2017
A man has been charged following investigations into an alleged unlawful wounding incident at Alexandra Hills last night, 31 August 2017.
Around 11.15pm, it will be alleged a 26-year-old man was a guest at a home in McMillan Road consuming alcohol with a number of other people.

Aug 18 2017

Torana Club, Thorneside 0484 260 944

Torana Club, Thorneside.
We provide information and technical support for the Holden Torana as well as merchandise and memorabilia.

Aug 14 2017

Aussie Farmers Direct – Save $20 On Each of Next Two Meal Orders

$20 OFF each of your Next Two Meal Orders at Aussie Farmers Direct, expires on 11th September 2017.
Save $40 with MEALS20 – This ‘$40 off’ offer is represented by $20 off each of your first 2 orders.
$50 minimum spend from the Meals category required on each order to qualify for the discount.
Coupon code MEALS20 must be entered on each of the orders to activate the discount.

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