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Sep 01 2017

Rainfall in Redlands

Average Rainfall in Redlands, Queensland

November 2016 and June 2017 both had the highest rain per month, in the last 12 months, each with about 137/138mm of rain for the month.
August 2017 was the driest month with 5.8mm of rain. This was a lot drier than the previous August which had 42.2mm.

Sep 01 2017

Temperature in Redlands

Average Temperature in Redlands, Queensland

The coldest 9am Temperature was 12.9 °C on 2nd July 2017, and the highest 9am temperature in that cool month was 18.3 °C, on the 18th.
The coldest 3pm Temperature was  16.1 °C on 7th July 2017, and the highest 3pm temperature in that month was 23.9 °C, on the 5th.

The warmest 9am Temperature was 29.9 °C on 13th February 2017, and the lowest 9am temperature in that warm month was 24.0 °C, on the 28th.
The warmest 3pm Temperature was 31.0 °C on 8th January 2017, and the lowest 3pm temperature in that warm month was 22.2 °C, on the 3rd.

Feb 21 2015

Severe weather across parts of Central and South East Queensland 21 Feb 2015

Severe weather continues across parts of Central and South East Queensland Police would like to remind members of the public to exercise extreme caution with strong winds, hazardous surfs and heavy rainfalls having been experienced or continuing across parts of Central and South East Queensland. During and immediately after severe weather events traversing roadways, either …

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Jul 03 2011

Brisbane Bayside Winter Weather

Cleveland Temperature 2nd and 3rd July 2011

Winter is from June to August in Australia, although visitors from some countries may not realise that it is actually winter 🙂 From the Bureau of Meteorology records, I have created a small guide showing temperatures at 9am and 3pm to help show what it may be like here during Winter. June 2010 (the first …

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Jan 07 2011

Rainfall in Redlands 2010

A topic that most people would have been considering recently, is the amount of rain that has been occurring. It is obvious from the news reports, that many areas are much more inundated with rain than we are, but it is interesting to see how our rain has changed since last year. The BOM Redlands weather station reported the …

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Nov 02 2010

Weather in Redland and Brisbane Bayside

The Redlands and Brisbane Bayside area is very popular for its “not too hot – not too cold” temperatures. The Lowest 2010 temperature was 4.0°C on Jul 15th 2010 The Highest 2010 temperature so far, to Oct 2010, was 33.2°C on Jan 18th 2010 Various weather records in the Redlands area: Temperatures in the Redlands …

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Oct 30 2010

Brisbane UV Index

UV Radiation Levels in the Brisbane Area

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) provide daily UV levels at the Government website at:

Feb 28 2010

Maximum Temperatures in Redland City

Monthly Maximum Temperatures according to www.bom.gov.au From the Redlands Weather Station 32.5°C 15th Feb 2010 33.2°C 18th January 2010 32.0°C 13th December 2009 31.8°C 29th November 2009 33.3°C 4th October 2009 28.4°C 23rd September 2009 31.6°C 25th August 2009 23.5°C 22nd July 2009 23.0°C 8th June 2009 28.9°C 4th May 2009 29.0°C 15th April 2009 …

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