Queensland Police Trailer cameras

Five new Police Trailer cameras located in Queensland to catch speeding cars.

New Police Trailer cameras in Queensland

QPS’ new trailer speed cameras have detected 647 high-end speeding motorists on busy motorways across South East Queensland in the first three weeks of operation.

The five camera trailers launched as part of the Christmas Road Safety Campaign have been deployed to Queensland’s busiest road networks since December 23.

One driver was detected travelling at 161km/h zone in a 110km/h zone on the Bruce Highway at Mons on the Sunshine Coast while another driver was captured travelling at 148km/h in a 100km/h zone on the Gympie Arterial Road at Bald Hills.

The camera trailers, which are managed remotely and used in high-risk areas not safe or practical to deploy a police officer, have monitored more than 2.8 million vehicles at the various locations.

Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating said tolerance levels would be reduced when the introductory period ended on Sunday.

“When we launched the camera trailers last month, we gave an undertaking they would be introduced with a considerably high speed margin while road users became familiar with the new equipment over the Christmas break.

“With students across Queensland heading back to school next week, we are now advising motorists that the introductory phase will end and standard speed camera tolerance levels will apply from Monday.

“During the first few weeks of operation, the camera trailers have proven to be effective, especially targeting speeding motorists in locations where police enforcement has been limited in the past.

“Importantly, road users will continue to see a mix of speed detection strategies including high visibility police patrols, overt and covert mobile speed camera deployments and fixed camera systems.”

Assistant Commissioner Keating said excessive speeds continued to be a major contributing factor to road trauma.

“We know speeding is a leading cause for approximately one in four road fatalities in Queensland and that is why we will continue to explore new road safety initiatives to prevent the carnage on our roads,” he said.

Police Speed Camera Trailer

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