Feb 02 2017

Report a Drug Dealer in Queensland

Do you know any Drug Dealers?

Do you have any knowledge of any persons involved in manufacturing and/or distributing crystal methylamphetamine (ICE) or any other illegal drug?

Do you want to report any of this criminal behaviour to the Queensland Police Service?

Report a Drug Dealer in Queensland


QPS Community Contact Command Superintendent David Tucker said the community played an integral role in helping police disrupt crime, providing information that could form the foundation of an investigation or the piece of a puzzle that is the obstacle to helping solve a protracted or cold case.

“To ensure the public has the ability to provide this crucial information, the QPS has developed an online reporting tool, specifically focused on information relating to the distribution and possession of ice,” Superintendent Tucker said.

“The online tool not only complements the existing suite of resources available to the public, including Crime Stoppers and Policelink but allows a community who is already online the ability to tell us what they know using a platform they are already familiar with.”

The tool can be anonymous, allowing anyone the opportunity to provide police what they know, but the user can also provide their email address, should they wish to provide further information in future.

“Information provided in the form will be used by police to drive operational responses and target their resources, honing in on those selling these horrendous drugs to our young people,” Superintendent Tucker said.

Report a Drug Dealer Now

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