Advertising: Premium Business Listing

Premium Listing

A Premium listing is similar to the budget listing, but allows you to choose a full page of content on the listing page, and allows you to link that page to your own website, if you have one.

The cost for this is $100 per year.

Payment is made using Paypal:

Premium Business Listing at Brisbane Bayside

$100.00 for 12 months

Example of Upgraded Business Listing

Business Name

Street Address
State and Postcode


Tel: 07 xxxx xxxx and 07 xxxx xxxx
Fax: 07 xxxx xxxx
Mob: 04xx xxx xxx and 04xx xxx xxx and 04xx xxx xxx
Skype: 0x xxxx xxxx


Full details of your Local business in the Redlands

With your choice of text, images and logos, with links to your own website etc.

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