9 June 2011 – Coldest June day since 1916

Thought it was cold today?

Thursday 9th June
9:00 am 12.0°C
3:00 pm 11.0°C  (some people used the words FREEZING in the REDLANDS today)

Wednesday 8th June
9:00 am 14.3°C
3:00 pm 17.0°C

Tuesday 7th June
9:00 am 15.5°C
3:00 pm 17.7°C

Yes, it was cold !!  Those figures were from the BOM

One weather report stated that Brisbane had recorded its coldest day in 11 years, only struggling to 12.5 °C.

It was also the coldest June day since 1916, when a top of 11.3°C was recorded.

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