Average Wage changes 2003 to 2008

From figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on the 14th September 2010, I have configured the following average wage figures for our local area.

Redland Local Government area:

Wage and salary earners

2003-04 $34,981
2004-05 $36,610 up 4.66%
2005-06 $38,756 up 5.86%
2006-07 $40,979 up 5.74%
2007-08 $43,077 up 5.12%

assuming future growth was about the averaged of those years, then the figures for following years would be:

2008-09 $45,379
2009-10 $47,804

Ormiston and Wellington Point took the two top spots for the highest average wage.

Comparing the above 2009-10 estimations to some other areas, we get these figures:


$47,804 Wage and salary earners
$20,576 Self employed


$46,184 Wage and salary earners
$18,676 Self employed


$51,693 Wage and salary earners
$28,134 Self employed

These averages include both Full Time and Part Time workers.

Source: ABS Estimates of Personal Income for Small Areas, Time Series, 2003-04 to 2007-08

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