Bayside Weather Forecasts February 2010

Someone mentioned the drought recently, and I remembered getting the weather forecasts by email, so I checked what they were for February 2010.

This is a collection of the images in the emails that I received:

The above came from the Weatherzone website…/victoria-point

I also checked the current Dam levels this weekend:

Level Name ML’s
61.50% Wivenhoe Dam 716,147
98.10% Somerset Dam 372,765
99.90% North Pine Dam 214,089
100.60% Hinze Dam 161,967
98.80% Baroon Pocket Dam 60,265
57.00% Moogerah Dam 47,776
100.40% Borumba Dam 46,145
85.20% Maroon Dam 37,758
99.40% Lake Manchester 26,245
92.40% Leslie Harrison Dam 22,985
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