BBQ Gas Refills

The average BBQ bottle is a 9kg bottle, and costs between about $19 and $25 to refill, depending on where you have it refilled. (Prices as at March 2010)

An alternative to having the bottles refilled are the “swap and go” bottles. These are common at Service Stations, where you hand in your empty bottle and get a full one without needing to wait for any refilling.

A couple of very useful features are:

  • You can swap any brand of gas bottle.
  • You can swap a gas bottle which is overdue for testing

You can call 1300 652 003 to find your nearest Elgas SWAP’n’GO outlet.

As an example of their popularity, there are 8 SWAPnGO outlets in the 4165 postcode alone, 7 in Cleveland and 3 in Alexandra Hills. Exact locations can be checked at:

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