Capalaba is not in the Redlands

It is really of course, but I am a bit fed up that the popular Classified Site Gumtree disagrees and leaves Capalaba out of the Redland suburb options.

Place an advert in that site, and you will find that your advert is not seen by people searching in Redland, they would have to look in Brisbane, where Gumtree seems to think that Capalaba is.

If you search for something in Gumtree, and select our Redland area, this screen-shot shows the suburbs that you get the option to look in:

Gumtree Redland list of Suburbs
Gumtree Redland list of Suburbs

Capalaba is MISSING

When I first noticed that Capalaba was not listed, I just assumed that no one in Capalaba was listing what I was looking for. It was not until I placed an advert myself, and it never appeared, so I asked Gumtree support, and told me it was in Brisbane !!! Well, my thoughts at the time could not be published, but as I lived in Capalaba, Redlands, and was told it was now in Brisbane, the Redland Council were not happy when I didn’t pay my rates to them, and I told them I was in Brisbane…

OK, so I didn’t actually do that, but I bet it made some people smile 🙂 (or something)…

I did write to gumtree and ask if they could put Capalaba back in to the Redlands, but they said no. I explained that people look in the Redlands for Capalaba adverts, they said people will still find them, listed after the other suburbs.

Yeah Right !! There are currently 8,789 ads in the Redland Area, and anything for Capalaba will come after those 8,789. Common sense tells me that most people will not browse to the end of that lot. Therefore Capalaba will not be seen by those browsing Redland adverts.

I have just checked, and there are NO Capalaba adverts listed either within, or after the 8,179 Redland ones.

I did tell them that Capalaba is split into two areas, with Capalaba West being part of Brisbane, but the larger Capalaba being part of Redland. They have them both, but with both in Brisbane.

Many parts of Capalaba are actually further away from Brisbane than Birkdale, but Birkdale is allowed to be in the Redlands.

My last email to gumtree was this:

Can you please tell me why Capalaba is not listed in the Redland suburbs.
For some reason it appears in Brisbane. Although it is actually in the Redland City Council area.
Below shows a list of the suburbs in the Redlands.

Their reply:

Thank you for your email and for bringing this to our attention.
Your feedback is important to us. I have taken note of your submission and I will pass it on to our Gumtree development team.
Again, thanks for taking the time to provide us with this feedback.
Gumtree Community Support

Then nothing.

These are the Gumtree lists of SE Queensland Areas:

Gumtree SE Qld list of Areas
Gumtree SE Qld list of Areas

This is their list of South East Brisbane Suburbs:

Gumtree South East Brisbane list of Suburbs
Gumtree South East Brisbane list of Suburbs

If you feel that Capalaba should be in Redlands, please leave a Feedback on the Gumtree site, the next time you use it.

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