Eastern Busway: Buranda to Coorparoo

The Buranda to Main Avenue, Coorparoo section of the Eastern Busway opens on 29 August 2011.  www.translink.com.au

This 1.05 kilometre long section includes two new busway stations – one at Stones Corner and one at Langlands Park in Coorparoo.

The Stones Corner busway station is behind the Stones Corner Library, and elevated above the car park.

The Langlands Park busway station is at the corner of Main Avenue and Old Cleveland Road, Coorparoo.

There is an open day on Saturday, 27 August at Beata Street Plaza, Stones Corner from 10:00am to 2:00pm, allowing people to walk through the busway before it becomes operational on Monday 29 August.


Project Overview PDF File Buranda to Main Avenue

The following was the page at Oct 2013

Eastern Busway

The Eastern Busway connects communities in Brisbane’s eastern suburbs to Brisbane City, major shopping centres, workplaces and the University of Queensland (UQ).

The first two stages of the Eastern Busway are complete with buses running directly from Coorparoo and the South East Busway to UQ – Eastern Busway (UQ to PA Hospital) locality map.

When complete, the Eastern Busway will reduce travel times for people travelling to and from the following suburbs:

  • Buranda
  • Stones Corner
  • Coorparoo
  • Camp Hill
  • Carina
  • Carindale
  • Chandler
  • Capalaba.
Sections Stations Completed
Eleanor Schonell Bridge to South East Busway PA Hospital and Boggo Road Completed
Buranda to Main Avenue, Coorparoo Stones Corner and Langlands Park Completed
Main Avenue, Coorparoo to Capalaba To be confirmed To be determined based on future traffic levels and funding availability.

Current benefits

  • You can get to major destinations quickly including Brisbane City and the University of Queensland via the Eleanor Schonell Bridge.
  • You can easily access the Princess Alexandra Hospital from PA Hospital busway station.
  • You can easily transfer to train services on the Cleveland, Beenleigh and the Gold Coast lines from Park Road train station – just a short walk over the pedestrian bridge from Boggo Road busway station.
  • You can now save up to 1.5 hours in travel time per week between Buranda and Main Avenue, Coorparoo.
  • You can now travel on the busway directly to the city or UQ from many of Brisbane’s eastern suburbs.

Future benefits

  • Less pollution, less congestion and traffic noise in your area, particularly on Old Cleveland Road and nearby streets.
  • Public transport that is more frequent, reliable, comfortable and easy to use.
  • Better connections to where people live, work and play.

How long will the busway be?

Ultimately, the Eastern Busway will stretch 18 kilometres from the University of Queensland to Capalaba.

Why do we need it?

  • Traffic congestion will get worse on Old Cleveland Road as the population grows and more and more people need to get to work and school.
  • Busways use their own dedicated roadway so buses aren’t delayed by traffic congestion.
  • It will encourage more people to use public transport if it’s quicker and easier than driving.
  • It will take thousands of cars off the roads – for every full bus there are 40 fewer cars on the road.

Main Avenue, Coorparoo to Capalaba

Construction of further stages of the busway to Camp Hill, Carina, Carindale, Chandler and Capalaba are subject to funding.

Coorparoo Junction Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

The Queensland Government sought expressions of interest from experienced construction, design and development organisations to partner with the state to deliver the Coorparoo Junction Transit Oriented Development (TOD).

A total of seven expressions of interest were received from the development industry. Three Proponents: Australand Holdings Ltd, Honeycombes Property Group Pty Ltd and Leighton Properties (Brisbane) Pty Ltd were shortlisted and given the opportunity to present to the State their vision for a mixed use development outcome on the site in accordance with Brisbane City Council’s Eastern Corridor Neighbourhood Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan allows for a variety of land uses, including residential and ground level retail, with building heights permitted up to a maximum of 17 storeys on part of the site.

Proponents detailed how their proposed development outcome would deliver key elements for the future Eastern Busway stage 2b integrated with a mixed use TOD outcome.

The Deputy Premier announced on 17 July 2013 that Honeycombes Property Group Pty Ltd had been selected as the Preferred Proponent to take on the Coorparoo Junction TOD Project. The $150 million redevelopment will deliver improved public transport infrastructure and a public plaza on the corner of Old Cleveland Road and Harries Road. The mixed use development outcome will be delivered in three stages and will include a mixture of residential apartments and terrace homes with approximately 1,500 square metres of retail and office space built. Stage 1 of the TOD is to planned to be completed by the end of 2016.


Changes to the busway around Carindale

We have identified a revised alignment for the Eastern Busway through Carindale.

The revised alignment is a better fit with the area’s future development, has no direct impact on businesses at Carindale, and it will work better in the future. We asked the community to provide feedback on the revised placement throughout June 2009.

How is it different to before?

The most significant changes are:

  • Carindale busway station will now to be located on vacant land on the corner of Creek and Old Cleveland Roads.
  • No direct impacts on businesses at Carindale – station and alignment to be closer to Old Cleveland Road.
  • No busway bridge over Creek Road. Busway would now pass underneath Creek Road.
  • Local flooding issues improved through revised design.


The Eastern Busway team spoke to local businesses, government agencies and the public when planning the busway. They received a lot of feedback which helped shape what the busway will look like.

Benefits to businesses and the community include:

  • no direct impacts on businesses/commercial buildings at Carindale
  • better fit with the commercial centre’s future plans – will still have good links to the shopping centre and potential future development
  • better operational solution for bus passengers – quicker bus journey times and a station that will meet our needs into the future
  • less elevated structure
  • revised design helps address local flooding issues.

When will this section be built?

The Eastern Busway is being built and opened in stages. The Princess Alexandra Hospital to South East Busway section has been built and construction of the Buranda to Main Avenue, Coorparoo section is underway. The Carindale section is considered a priority area of the Eastern Busway as there are long delays for buses entering and leaving the shopping centre and the bus interchange.

However, no decisions have yet been made about when construction will occur. Actual construction dates are dependent on future funding arrangements, which are reviewed annually. We will keep the community informed about future works.


Contact the Eastern Busway project team

Email: check at http://translink.com.au/site-information/contact-us-and-help

Write to (no stamp required)

Eastern Busway Project Team
GPO Box 2439
Queensland 4000

Interpreter: 13 14 50 (for people of non-English speaking backgrounds)

TTY: 13 36 77 (quote 1800 550 277)

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