Eastern Busway: Capalaba to the City

The Eastern Busway which is intended to connect Brisbane City to the communities in Brisbane’s eastern suburbs, out as far as Capalaba, had its first section between Princess Alexandra Hospital and Buranda completed in late 2009 with buses running directly from the South East Busway to the University of Queensland.

The second stage, a 1.05-kilometre stretch from Buranda (Stones Corner) to Main Avenue, Coorparoo (Langlands Park) is currently under construction, and is due to be completed in late 2011. (Edit: Opening date is 29th August 2011)

The section between Main Avenue, Coorparoo and Capalaba, is still in the early planning stages. This section does depend on future traffic consideration and funding availability.  The recently released “Queensland Infrastructure Plan”, has revealed that any further plans for the Eastern Busway are subject to receiving federal funds.

If and when completed, the Eastern Busway will cover the following suburbs:

Stones Corner
Camp Hill


The following was taken from the: Queensland Infrastructure Plan

Eastern Busway—stage one of the Eastern Busway was opened in August 2009 connecting the University of Queensland and the Eleanor Schonell Bridge to the South East Busway at Buranda. The busway includes a new station at Princess Alexandra Hospital and the new Boggo Road busway station located adjacent to the Park Road rail station.

Projects completed in 2009–10
Eastern Busway – Buranda to PA Hospital to Boggo Rd to Eleanor Schonell Bridge

South East Queensland projects identified for further development and analysis include:
Eastern Busway (stages two and three)

The Queensland Government is expanding the Eastern Busway from Buranda to Main Avenue at Coorparoo.

The Eastern Busway will ultimately connect the University of Queensland to Capalaba via Buranda, Stones Corner, Coorparoo, Camp Hill, and Carina, and will be the eastern link in Brisbane’s world-class busway network, reducing bus travel times for thousands of commuters from all over the eastern suburbs.

Eastern Busway – Buranda to Main Avenue is marked with a completion date of early 2012 at a cost of $466M
Eastern Busway – Bennetts Road to Capalaba is marked as “Pre-project”  at a cost of $1,270M, with possible completion dates between 2020 to 2026 but subject to Federal Funding.

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