Property Price Changes in Redlands from 2011 to 2012

The median property sales prices in the Redland area have been calculated by and the results are:

The median sales prices for Oct to Dec 2012, with the % change from the same period last year:

  • $408,000 Capalaba, based on 53 government verified sales. This represents a 6.7% increase.
  • $468,693 Victoria Point, based on 66 government verified sales. This represents a 9.2% increase.

More information, and suburbs at:

More individual suburb data at January 31st 2013, also from

I can’t help wondering about some of these values, especially Capalaba.

Two of the pages for Capalaba show:

Median Sold Price $355,000 Qtr. Ending 31 Jan ’13

Median Sold Price $408,000 Dec  2013

This shows a drop of $53,000 for the month.  Maybe just an indication that people were only buying the cheaper properties in January.


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