Thompsons Beach

Thompsons Beach, Victoria Point, Redland City, Queensland

Thompsons Beach, in Victoria Point, Queensland, has a very shallow small beach area. It only has a small strip of sand, but at high tide even a young child can walk out without the water going much above waist level. At low tide, it gets a bit muddy, if you walk out to far.

No waves occur at this beach, other than the wash from any passing boats, so it has been considered a very safe beach for young children, and is popular especially during the school holidays.

It is also popular for picnics, barbecues, kite flying, kayaking and sailboarding.

The local fisherman also like the area, at low tide, for collecting their own bait for their fishing trips.

Thompsons Beach, Victoria Point, QLD 4165

Thompson’s Beach has a small number of Free Electric BBQ’s, and covered areas for eating, such as this one:

Thompsons Beach

High Tide and Low Tide at Thompsons Beach

Approximate Tide times can be seen at:
Please note that these times may be based on Brisbane Bar and may therefore differ by 15-20 minutes.

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7 years ago

This park also has both toddler and childrens shaded playgrounds, basketball hoop, exercise equipment, toilets, showers, large picnic shelters with electric bbq’s as well as many other picnic tables and seats set throughout the park.

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