Two Leading RE/MAX Offices Shift Ownership

RE/MAX Australia celebrates a monumental new relationship between two of its top performing real estate businesses.

A change in ownership for RE/MAX Bayside Properties now places the franchise in the leadership hands of Hayley Van de Ven, owner of RE/MAX Results.

Business will be unified and operated under Ms Van de Ven’s company, The Limitless Group. RE/MAX Bayside Properties, with offices in Cleveland and Alexandra Hills, will retain its identity as will RE/MAX Results, which has offices in the Brisbane suburb of Morningside and Mackay.

“Brad and Milly Neilson have led RE/MAX Bayside Properties to be number one office in our Australian network for nine years running since purchasing in 2007,” said RE/MAX Australia Managing Director, Joel Davoren. “In 2015, Brad won The Eagle Award, our network’s ultimate individual honour. They have been awarded number one office internationally by RE/MAX on at least two occasions.”

Mr Neilson said, “Within the context of the recent health challenges I have faced, I decided to keep the award-winning group that is RE/MAX Bayside on an upward trajectory and instigate a succession plan within RE/MAX. In doing so, I am placing my business in the hands of one of the best real estate professionals and business operators I have had the privilege to know.”

Brad Neilson says he is passing a business and a team that he is very proud of to Ms Van de Ven.
“They are like family to me”, he said, “and we have exceptional team leaders in people like Simon Salm and my own son Dave Neilson.
Dave Neilson was announced the network’s latest Eagle Award recipient in February this year when Hayley Van de Ven claimed the top business accolade for RE/MAX Results.

“I am truly supportive of Hayley’s expanded business ownership,” said Dave Neilson. “I embrace the change, am excited to work with such an exceptional business leader and look forward to kicking goals in the next chapter for this team.”

Mr Salm has been associated with the Alexandra Hills office for more than two decades.
“I want to congratulate Brad and Milly on building a leading office and taking the team forward to achieve the greatest of accolades and awards,” said Mr Salm. “I wish them all the best in their new life journey, just as I wish Hayley every success. There are exciting times ahead.”

In April 2016, Ms Van de Ven bought RE/MAX Results in Morningside from well-known real estate identity Deborah Evans, who remained as a conjunctional agent after owning what had been one of the network’s top three offices since she opened in 1998.

By 2020, Ms Van de Ven had increased RE/MAX Results’ market share in Morningside by more than 20 per cent and opened a second RE/MAX Results office in May 2017 to offer a full real estate service in Mackay.

“Hayley now takes forward not one but two very successful legacies, being those of Brad Neilson and Deborah Evans,” said Mr Davoren.
He said the decisions played out by Mr Neilson and Ms Van de Ven clearly demonstrated that RE/MAX Australia was focussed on helping its offices achieve their expansion plans.
“Whether we are working with a start-up office or a legacy office, we have a ‘think bigger’ mentality, which RE/MAX supports in a business of any size. It is part of our culture, and it permeates through all of our business, at every level.
“A growth mindset is highly evident in the ranks of our RE/MAX broker owners and that ambitious mentality is always encouraged and nurtured.”
Ms Van de Ven’s growth as business owner has been extraordinary.
“I am so incredibly excited about how far we have come in the last few years and even more excited about our plans to move forward as a super team,” she said.

Mr Davoren said it was an exciting step and he anticipated a great future for Ms Van de Ven and her team.
“With this significant event, the fusion of two such prominent offices, we have a powerful business entity moving forward with new energies, new RE/MAX innovations, and a new vision,” he said.

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