Weapons found buried in a Birkdale backyard. 25 April 2015

Weapons found buried in a Birkdale backyard

25tth April 2015

Overnight detectives from Task Force Maxima and officers from the South Brisbane District executed a search warrant at residence in Spoonbill Street, Birkdale where it will be alleged police located weapons, dangerous drugs, Rebels OMCG supporter clothing and Nazi supporter material.

The investigation commenced after police from the South Brisbane District located a man and woman yesterday on an unrelated matter. Detectives from Task Force Maxima then commenced an investigation into allegations the pair were in possession of weapons and conducting target practice in a suburban backyard.

Police will allege that during a search of the Spoonbill Street residence a rifle, handgun and ammunition were found buried in the yard, along with plywood targets found in the backyard. Cannabis, drug utensils, Nazi and Rebels OMCG supporter paraphernalia were also located.

Two Birkdale men, aged 41 and 31, were arrested and charged with two counts each of unlawful possession of a weapon, and one count each of unlawful possession of explosives (ammunition) and dangerous conduct with a weapon.

Another 41-year-old Birkdale man was arrested and also charged with two counts of unlawful possession of a weapon, unlawful possession of explosives (ammunition), dangerous conduct with a weapon, as well as one count of possession of drug utensils.

A 31-year-old Birkdale woman was issued with a notice to appear on three charges of possession of a thing used in a drug offence, two counts of possession of a drug utensil and one count of possession of a dangerous drug.

Detective Inspector Brendan Smith of Task Force Maxima said the efforts of the officers from South Brisbane District in identifying these people cannot be understated.

“Their efforts have led to dangerous weapons being removed from the community.

“We will be alleging subsequent investigations uncovered evidence of extremely dangerous conduct involving weapons being discharged in a suburban backyard. The consequences of this behaviour to innocent members of community could have been fatal.

“It is concerning that people with this type of ideology have possession of weapons. Our investigations will continue into the weapons origins and possible links to other offences.

“Dangerous conduct such as this will not be tolerated and we be relentless in our efforts to make communities safer,” Detective Inspector Smith said.

The men will appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on a later date.

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