Weather in Redland and Brisbane Bayside

The Redlands and Brisbane Bayside area is very popular for its “not too hot – not too cold” temperatures.

The Lowest 2010 temperature was 4.0°C on Jul 15th 2010
The Highest 2010 temperature so far, to Oct 2010, was 33.2°C on Jan 18th 2010

Various weather records in the Redlands area:

Temperatures in the Redlands

Recorded Month Highest Lowest
January 37.5°C 9.5°C
February 38.2°C 13.0°C
March 35.6°C 10.9°C
April 32.7°C 5.0°C
May 29.3°C 2.3°C
June 25.9°C 1.0°C
July 27.4°C 0.0°C
August 28.0°C 29th Aug 1989 0.1°C 12th Aug 2008
September 33.4°C 9th Sep 1980 2.6°C 6th Sep 2004
October 35.1°C 10th Oct 2004 4.2°C 10th Oct 1994
November 36.6°C 19th Nov 1968 5.7°C 17th Nov 2006
December 36.6°C 9.2°C
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