The Brisbane City Council border with Redland City is at Capalaba West, but many statistics about Brisbane do actually include Redland City as we are in the Brisbane Statistical subdivisions.

The Brisbane Statistical Division includes the following subdivisions:

  • Inner Brisbane (SSD)
  • Northwest Inner Brisbane (SSD)
  • Northwest Outer Brisbane (SSD)
  • Southeast Inner Brisbane (SSD)
  • Southeast Outer Brisbane (SSD)
  • Caboolture (SSD)
  • Ipswich City (SSD)
  • Logan City (SSD)
  • Pine Rivers (SSD)
  • Redcliffe (SSD)
  • Redland City (SSD)

A map of the Brisbane Statistical Division, from the ABS, is shown below.

Brisbane Statistical Division
Brisbane Statistical Division

Queensland is made up of 12 Statistical Divisions, as follows:

Queensland Statistical Divisions

  1. Brisbane includes (City of Brisbane, Balance of Brisbane)
  2. Moreton includes (Gold Coast Statistical District (Part), Sunshine Coast Statistical District, Balance of Moreton)
  3. Wide Bay-Burnett includes (Bundaberg Statistical District, Balance Wide Bay-Burnett)
  4. Darling Downs
  5. South West
  6. Fitzroy includes (Rockhampton Statistical District, Balance of Fitzroy)
  7. Central West
  8. Mackay includes (Mackay Statistical District, Balance of Mackay)
  9. Northern includes (Townsville Statistical District, Balance of Northern)
  10. Far North includes (Cairns Statistical District, Balance of Far North)
  11. North-Western
  12. Migratory
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