Yates Plumbing and Gas, Thorneside, 4158

Yates Plumbing and Gas, Thorneside

Plumbing and Gas services for residential and commercial properties in Redlands and Bayside.

Contact: Yates Plumbing and Gas

QLD 4158

Mob: 0437 827 502
Email: info@yatesplumbingandgas.com.au
Web: yatesplumbingandgas.com.au

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During the past decade we have gained great exposure to a variety of different plumbing and gas sectors. These areas include residential and commercial maintenance and new build residential and commercial works.

These experiences have helped us gain an improved practical skill set and knowledge base. These experiences have also helped the team hone their communication and collaboration skills in working together to achieve a common goal.

In the past 2-3 years we have spent most of our time working in the hospitality and retail sectors, and new office refurbishments. Some of these projects are listed at yatesplumbingandgas.com.au/about-us

Our Thorneside team cover the entire Brisbane CBD and Surrounding Suburbs, including South Brisbane.

Call 0437 827 502 today for bookings for:
Commercial Plumbing & Gas
Residential Plumbing and Gas
Maintenance Plumbing and Gas
Real Estate Plumbing and Gas

Government Registrations and Licences

ABN: 23 636 591 430
QBCC Licence: 1259584

102 Plumbing Questions

These can be answered at: yatesplumbingandgas.com.au/faq

    1. How to install a new plug waste.
    2. Why is my toilet making a noise?
    3. Why is there a pool of water at the rear of my toilet in the morning and night?
    4. Is it cheaper to replace my leaking toilet cistern rather than repair it?
    5. Is it possible to change my toilet cistern flush volume without changing over the cistern?
    6. Will putting cleaning products in my cistern cause the toilet to leak?
    7. Can I replace my toilet with an in-wall cistern type toilet?
    8. Can I replace my old toilet which has an exposed drain pipe with a back to the wall type toilet?
    9. Is it hard to add rain water to my toilet rather than mains water?
    10. My toilet has a few small hair line cracks at base of the toilet, is it safe to use?
    11. Why does my toilet gurgle when we flush the toilet?
    12. Why can’t I flush paper towels down the toilet?
    13. Why can’t I flush baby wipes down the toilet?
    14. There is a strong sewer smell coming from the toilet, it smells worse near the base of the toilet?
    15. Can I make my toilet more elderly friendly?
    16. I hate touching the toilet, do sensor toilets exist?
    17. My toilet seat keeps coming lose, is there a solution to stop this?
    18. Is it possible to change my toilet water inlet from the bottom of the cistern to the inside of the toilet?
    19. How much does it cost to fix a leaking toilet?
    20. How much does it cost to replace my toilet with the same style of toilet?
    21. How do I stop my cistern tap from dripping?
    22. Can a plastic cistern go on a porcelain pan?
    23. Can you buy toilets which are not white?
    24. My hot water seems to be producing less hot water, can you tell me why?
    25. How do I know which hot water system best suits my family’s needs?
    26. My hot water system has no hot water, but the power is on to the system, why is it cold?
    27. Does my hot water system need to be on a stand or base of some sort?
    28. Does my hot water unit need a safe tray?
    29. Why is the base of my hot water unit leaking?
    30. Is water supposed to be draining from my hot water system valves all the time?
    31. Do I need to upgrade my water pipes when I install my new hot water system?
    32. Do I need to upgrade my electrical cables when I install my new hot water system?
    33. Do I need to add a temperature control device to the water to my house when I install a new hot water system?
    34. How often should my hot water unit be serviced?
    35. How often should I pull the relief valves in the hot water system?
    36. Is it expensive to install a solar hot water unit?
    37. Can I install my storage hot water in the wall or roof to give us more garden space?
    38. Do my hot water system pipes need to be protected with lagging?
    39. Can I put plants on top of my hot water system to make it look less of an eyesore?
    40. How long is the warranty for hot water system?
    41. How much does it cost to replace a hot water unit which is the same size and same brand?
    42. Do I need to inform my insurance when I have my hot water unit changed?
    43. Does my hot water unit need to be pressure protected?
    44. Is it ok to whipper snipper around the base of my hot water unit?
    45. Can I put my hot water system inside my home?
    46. Can we install more than one hot water system in our house?
    47. Can an electrician change my hot water system for a new hot water system?
    48. Should I get a compliance document from my plumber for a new hot water system?
    49. The hot water in our shower is boiling hot, I am scared for my kids safety, what can I do to make this safe?
    50. If we leave our house for a few days, when we return and use our hot water it comes out an orange colour for an hour or two. Why is this and what can be done?
    51. It takes about 8 seconds before the hot water comes through when we turn the tap on. Why is this and can we do something to improve this?
    52. What type of hot water unit is the cheapest in the long run?
    53. Can I change a storage hot water system for an instantaneous hot water system?
    54. What is the smallest hot water unit I can get?
    55. What is the largest instantaneous hot water unit I can buy?
    56. What is the largest storage unit?
    57. What temperature is my shower hot water meant to be?
    58. Why are my pipes so noisy?
    59. Why do my water pipes make a Big Bang when I turn the water on or off?
    60. Can a water hammer be fixed?
    61. How do I know if I have a water leak?
    62. Why is my water pressure so poor?
    63. Are galvanised water pipes dangerous to drink from?
    64. How do I find an underground leak?
    65. If the water meter is leaking, is it my responsibility to fix or the council’s?
    66. What size water pipe should we have in our house?
    67. Is plastic or copper pipe better for our water pipe installation?
    68. Why do we have fluoride in our water supply?
    69. Can we drink rain water?
    70. What can we use rain water for in our homes?
    71. Are there still rebates for installing rainwater tanks?
    72. Are the still rebates for installing solar hot water systems?
    73. What is a water wise certificate?
    74. How often should filters be changed?
    75. Do you run hot or cold water to a dishwasher?
    76. Do you run hot or cold water to a washing machine?
    77. The pressure in our shower drops when the kitchen tap is turned on, what can we do?
    78. Are there any warning signs before a drain blocks up?
    79. Why are my floor drains so smelly?
    80. Why does foam come out of my floor drain every time the washing machine is on? Is there anything I can do to fix this?
    81. Should I inspect the drainages to a house before purchasing?
    82. What is the best way to keep tree roots out of my drain?
    83. Our house is level with the street and every time it rains our garden floods, is there anything that can be done for this?
    84. Every time it rains our gutters over flow, can we do anything to prevent this?
    85. Is it expensive to set up a grey water system?
    86. Do I need a licensed plumber to cap my sewer line for my house demolition?
    87. Is it cheaper to get a plumber to quote or pay them per hour?
    88. Can I convert my LPG gas appliance to natural gas?
    89. Which is cheaper natural gas or LPG?
    90. Why is my stove top gas flame bright orange?
    91. Why does our gas flame look like it is jumping off the stove every time it is on high flame?
    92. Do you need to be licensed to change an old gas cook with a new one?
    93. I think I smell gas, what should I do?
    94. My nan keeps forgetting to turn the gas off, can I buy a gas timer?
    95. Our pilot light on our hot water unit lights but will not stay on, why is this?
    96. Is there a way to tell when gas cylinders are running low?
    97. Can I work out how much gas I will use so I can be prepared?
    98. I feel like my gas bottles are in the wrong location; where are they allowed to go?
    99. How much would it cost to replace an existing gas stove top 4 burner.
    100. How long will a 9kg gas bottle run a stove top four burner?
    101. Should I get a gas safety check before I can rent my house?
    102. Can gas bottles be installed below ground?
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