2015 Speeding Penalties in Queensland

2015 Penalties for speeding in Queensland

  • Less than 13 km/h over the limit: $151 + one point.
  • 13 to 20 km/h over the limit: $227 + three points.
  • 21 to 30 km/h over the limit: $379 + four points.
  • 31 to 40 km/h over the limit: $531 + six points.
  • More than 40 km/h over the limit: $1,062 + eight points and six month suspension.

Demerit Points

Licence Suspension is automatic once you reach 12 points in 3 years, but the suspension period varies depending on the total points

Double demerit points apply in Queensland to drivers and motorbike riders who commit a second offence, where the speed limit is exceeded by 20km/h or more, within a 12 month period.

Source: QLD

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