Centrelink, Macleay Island

Centrelink Macleay Island – Access Point

Cnr Southsea Terrace & High Central Road
Macleay Island
QLD 4184


Web: Centrelink, Macleay Island


Centrelink is a part of the Department of Human Services, responsible to provide access to social, health and other payments and services.
Centrelink and Medicare Australia were integrated into the Department of Human Services on 1 July 2011

Macleay Island has a Centrelink Access Point that provides free self-help facilities where customers can conduct their government-related business including information products and forms, access to a telephone to call the department, Medicare claiming facilities and a fax/photocopier. Access Point staff can also sight and photocopy identity documents for departmental purposes.
There is no additional face-to-face staff assistance provided.

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3 years ago

Hello I just returned from Brisbane. Macleay Island. My daughter and son inlaw and grandchildren live there I absolutely love my almost 7 weeks on the island. I am Jo-anne Richardson and I am Disabled. Problems I am having is the USA. I am a Australian Citizen and only a married permanent resident I wish not to become a citizen. I have Medicaid. I recieve no income what’s so ever in any payments from the s.s.i or pensions. I have been told for 8 years I can not work. I am disabled and can not work. I have a disability attorney and refilling I will be 59 this year. Also can I live part time here and part time with my daughter. How does all that work. I’ve not had a income since 2008 or 2009. Can some one please help me.