Deb Kellie – ALP Candidate for Redlands 2015

Deb Kellie – ALP Candidate for Redlands

Deb has lived in the Redlands electorate for the last 14 years. She lives in Cornubia with her husband Graham and works as a barrister. In court she fights for those most vulnerable in our society – addressing the heartbreak of family breakdown, assisting people face and deal with the stresses of criminal prosecution, and helping workers fight for their rights at work.

Her work has led her to experience first-hand the effects of the Newman LNP Government’s legislative changes, particularly in the areas of criminal justice and employment law. It is that experience that motivated her to join the Labor party and run for Redlands.

Deb’s energies are focused on connecting with and listening to the community. As your local member she will be committed to making sure that Redlands gets the dedicated, determined and dependable representation we expect and deserve.

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