Matt McEachan – LNP Candidate for Redlands 2015

Matt McEachan – LNP Candidate for Redlands

Matt has lived in the area for over twenty years; his daughter goes to school locally, and having lived in Thornlands for last 12 years Matt understands the pressures on local families.

Matt started his small business, in the Redlands over twenty years ago; he understands the need for local job opportunities and a vibrant local economy.

Better local roads, education, health services and creating a safer community with more police on the beat are just some of Matt’s priorities as dedicated Redlander.

Before the LNP Newman Government was elected in 2012 local schools were run down, hospital wait times were out of control, car thefts and break-ins were up, public transport costs were going through the roof.

That’s why Matt has put his hand up to be your local member. After two and half years of hard work by the Newman LNP Government, Queensland is getting back on track.

Redlands Hospital is now one of the best performers in the state, with locals getting the care they need.

Local schools are now properly maintained, teachers and students are getting the support they deserve.

But there is more to do, local roads like Cleveland-Redland Bay Road and Mount Cotton Road need more upgrades to make our local drive safer and get us home quicker.

As part of the LNP’s strong local team, Matt is working with Member for Capalaba, Steve Davies and Member for Cleveland, Mark Robinson to ensure Redlands continues to be the best place to live, work and raise a family.

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