Hogs Breath Cafe, Victoria Point 07 3820 8533

Hogs Breath Cafe

Hog’s Breath Restaurants

Contact: Hogs Breath Cafe

Victoria Point Lakeside Shopping Centre
11-15 Bunker Road
Victoria Point
QLD 4165

Tel: 07 3820 8533
Email: hbvicpt@hogsbreath.com.au
Web: www.hogsbreath.com.au/location/victoria-point

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Each of our great value meals are made fresh to order by our expert Grill Masters and then served straight to your table by our dedicated Hog’spitality Specialists, so you can focus on sharing good times with family and friends while enjoying your favourite dish cooked just the way you like it. It’s great fun serving you!

Government Registrations and Licences


Location of Hogs Breath Cafe


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