New way to report minor traffic crashes to Police

New way to report minor traffic crashes in Queensland

From January 1, 2015, motorists who are involved in a minor crash will have the opportunity to report the incident via the Policelink smart phone app or online instead of waiting for police to attend.

Road Policing Command Acting Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating said the new reporting via Policelink, would allow motorists to continue their journey without waiting for police.

“In 2010, a Queensland Police Service report estimated about 73,000 officer hours were dedicated, each year, to responding to non-injury crashes,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Keating said.

“By making amendments to our policy we will be able to reduce these hours allowing officers to respond to more urgent matters.”

However police will still be required to attend traffic crashes that involve any of the following circumstances:

  • Death or injury (injury requiring medical treatment by a qualified paramedic, nurse or doctor);
  • Suspected involvement of drugs or alcohol;
  • Driver has failed or is refusing to provide required details;
  • A hazardous environment or threat to public safety exists, including congestion;
  • Impairment/disability (a driver with an impairment or disability requires police assistance); or
  • Other situations where discretion would determine it was in the public interest to attend and/or investigate.

“Motorists still need to report a crash to the Queensland Police Service where any party involved is injured or killed (injury requiring treatment) a driver fails to provide their details and/or a vehicle involved in the crash requires towing,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Keating said.

“However, where a non-injury traffic crash occurs that does not require police investigation, members of the public are able to report these by downloading the Policelink smart phone app, completing a form online via the Policelink website or by calling Policelink on 131 444.”

The Policelink Smart phone app can be downloaded from the App store by searching “Policelink”. After the information has been collected motorists will be issued a report number that can be used for insurance purposes.


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