Online Police Reporting in Queensland

There is an online option for reporting various Non Urgent Crime and other incidents in Queensland, for the attention of a Policelink Client Service Officer.

Reporting Non Urgent Crime and Other Non Urgent Incidents to the Queensland Police

The Telephone option is to call Policelink on 131 444

There is also an online option at QLD Police Online Reporting where you can fill in an online form, and a Policelink Client Service Officer w​ill reply to you via e-mail.

The following incidents are included in the those with an online reporting form option:

Online Cybercrime Reporting
​Stolen Property
Crime Tracker Online
Cyclist Complaint
Event Safe Registration
Fare Evasion
Fuel Drive-Off
Hoon Online
Lost Property
Noise/Party Complaint
Party Safe Registration
Register your Ride
Registered Person Report
Replacement e-Ticket
Report a Drug Dealer
Stock and Rural Suspicious Activities
Suspicious Activities
Traffic Crash Form
Wilful Damage and Graffiti
Withdrawal of Complaint Form

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