Operation Light targets Electric Bikes in Surfers Paradise

Planning on using an Electric Bike in Surfers during Schoolies?

Operation Light targets Electric Bikes in Surfers Paradise

Police have begun an operation to address the risks associated with the increased presence of electric bicycles around Surfers Paradise as more tourists visit the area over the summer months.

Phase one of Operation Light has involved police working in partnership with other government agencies to visit local businesses that hire these vehicles to promote safety and compliance.

The second phase of the operation will involve enforcement activities over the coming weeks aimed at preventing and reducing crash related trauma and traffic congestion.

Acting Senior Sergeant Scott Burness said it was a busy time of year in Surfers Paradise and it was important that locals and visitors to the area don’t expose themselves to unsafe or high risk activities.

“Police ask visitors to be considerate of local residents, the business community, pedestrians and road users while using electric bikes and mopeds in the area.

“We will be out in force with low tolerances to any activity that compromises public safety. Police will be targeting riders moving into the path of other vehicles and pedestrians, disobeying traffic signals and road rules, not wearing helmets, using mobile phones whilst riding and riding whilst under the influence.

“We aim to make this time of year something people will remember, not something they will want to forget, so we are committed to ensuring safety on our roads and related areas,” said Senior Sergeant Burness.


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