Redland Council Budget 2011-2012

The Redland Council Budget 2011-2012

Redland Council Rates up 6.09%

Mayor Hobson said the average rating increase across the Redlands this year was 6.09 per cent, which was under the local government CPI of 7.5 per cent.

“In dollar terms, it means 97 per cent of mainland residential property owners will pay less than $3 a week more – in fact 88 per cent will actually pay less than $2 a week more.”

How this compares with our neighbours:

11.31% Ipswich
6.09% Redland
7.28% Gold Coast
1.1% Brisbane

Redland Water Charges up by 7.3%

Allconnex 2011/12 Water charges will increase by 3.6 per cent for all customers, not just residents and small businesses in 2011/12, extending the State Government CPI cap to all customer bills.

However, increases in State Government bulk water charges will result in an overall price increase in household bills of between 6.6 per cent and 7.3 per cent in 2011/12 depending on the council area.

How this compares with our neighbours:

Redland is at the top end with the 7.3% increase
Gold Coast is at the lower end with the 6.6% increase

2011-12 Water Charges

Residential pricing Redland Brisbane Ipswich
Quarterly Charges
Water Access Charge $62.25 $41.79 $70.00
Sewerage Access Charge $180.26 $118.98 $137.50
Consumption Charges
State Government Bulk Water $1.20200 $1.78700 $1.72300
Consumption per kilolitre
First 400 litres per day $0.68160
First 700 litres per day $0.66690
First 878 litres per day $0.81054
401 to 800 litres per day $1.10640
701 to 849 litres per day $0.70794
879 to 1315 litres per day $1.29276
in excess of 800 litres per day $1.53120
in excess of 849 litres per day $1.26198
in excess of 1,315 litres per day $1.64160
Council Rate Sources:
Water Rate Sources:
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