Redlands Water 2012

Allconnex will be no more.

Redland Water will take control again, of our local water services from July 2012.

The Redland City Council has advised that a final decision has now been made, and in the best interests, including financial aspects, of the Redland Ratepayers, the vote was made to re-establish Redland Water.


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Redland City Council voted on 8 August 2011 to withdraw from Allconnex Water and re-establish Redland Water for retail water distribution in the Redlands. Council has worked hard to assess the best water option for Redland residents given the short space of time and information available. We are confident that the new Redland Water will once again successfully and efficiently deliver the important distribution and retailing services locally – as it has done in the past. Allconnex Water will continue to service the community as usual until 1 July 2012.

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