Revenge: 1

An OPEN LETTER to the person who recognises it.


You chose the path of anger, lies, threats and deceit.

I promised you that one day, I would reveal all this about you, and that promise still stands.

It can happen now, if you keep fighting, or it can happen after my death.

But either way, it WILL happen.

You wanted the divorce, and YOU decided how the split would happen, all because I wanted a peaceful life, without the problems that came after your brother arrived, split his own marriage with his actions and disturbed the balance of the household.

You know full well that for over a year the household had been quite peaceful.  Yet you sided with him, and let our family suffer.

This split devastated us, both financially and emotionally, with our daughter bearing the worst of everything.  Your way to protect her, was to tell me not to tell her what you were doing to hurt me.  But you made that so much worse with your pregnancy statements and lies, that YOU and HER did by text messages (I have copies of those messages).  She was on the stairs, just around the corner, when you made that original comment about having a baby with someone else. And you told her that your new baby was nothing to do with her. That it was between you and me !!  Me ?  I had nothing to do with it?  Yet it would have been our daughters step sister/brother, but NOTHING do with her ????

Then there were your lies to the Child Support Agency (CSA), and when they rang me to tell me what you had said, and our daughter was next to me at the time, I offered for them to speak to our daughter to get the TRUTH.  You then backed out of your lies, and told the truth to the CSA.  This caused the CSA to order that you paid $200 per week to support our daughter.  Which of course you then never actually paid.

You could have chosen a conciliatory path, admitted your mistakes and apologised for your lies, and avoided so much of this destruction.

To avoid your financial pain I never PUSHED for that $200 per week from you, as I was just able to manage financially to look after our daughter, although was unable to fulfil my promises to her for our future due to lack of that extra money. But your lies and attacks on me eventually drove me to claim it, and force you to pay a meagre portion of it, even though you fought tooth and nail to avoid paying that 13 weeks at $200 per week.  You did manage to get it down to just under $2,000 though.  Not a bad outcome for you, for a period of 18 months, that would have cost $15,600 at the full rate.  Oh yes, I should deduct those $50 per week payments that you did make for a while.  But I don’t know how many they were now, as they went direct to our daughter from you.

Your lies to the Solicitor, that were passed on to me, hurt me like hell, as you knew they would.  But instead of backing down and giving into you, as I normally did, I decided to come back at you like a wounder tiger, and fight to the bitter end.  This fight ends with my death, or your destruction, or preferably both.

You originally threatened me with revealing what we did in the 1990’s, and I responded by saying go ahead, and we would all have suffered.  But you backed down. THAT threat of yours still gets to me, and it will be revealed after my death.  You can then take the consequences of our joint actions at the time.  It was after all, YOU who really benefitted from it.  It was a financial thing, and YOU gained from all of that.

All it would have taken, to have stopped this, would have been a decent apology from you, an admission that YOU were wrong, but no, you always turned it around onto me.  You always had to make me feel that I was the one at fault for everything.

You NEVER made mistakes, you NEVER needed to apologise……..

Well, you now face the future, knowing what the price will be for your arrogance and/or stupidity.

You should pray that I live for a long time, so the final day of reckoning for you will be delayed, but, REMEMBER, it will only be a DELAY.


We could have had a simple divorce, but no…. You had to do it YOUR way.

In April 2013, you even asked me to pay you for doing the Divorce.  You know how to hurt people…

Remember my offer?  Split everything THREE ways.  One third to YOU, One third to Me, and One third to our daughter. I thought that was fair, as we were actually destroying HER life too, and there should be a compensation for that. But was that fair to YOU ?  No.  You wanted 60%+ of everything (even though I had 100% custody of our child).  Your solicitor letter to me stated that figure, and added that you would take that to court if I did not back down and accept your offer. As you know, I then got my own legal advice, and the fight began.

I wanted you to be fair.  You did what you wanted.

Now, people tell me to stop the fight, to let you live in peace.  But did you let me live in peace ?  Even now, when I wanted the divorce finalised last July, you said no.  Your refusal to do the divorce, that YOU originally wanted, so you could do exactly what YOU wanted, has destroyed my new relationship.

Tell me….  WHY should I stop, when you have done NOTHING to stop hurting me?

It will end, but not in a way that you will like.

There are many things for me to reveal.  Your name may not be revealed here in Public, but the Authorities will be given it.
All you needed to do was give me a real apology, and this could have been avoided

This week the Divorce hearing will be heard, but only because I came back to push for it, at great cost to my life, and maybe the end of my life.  In one month, we will be divorced or you will be a widow.


REVENGE: 2  will follow soon…


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10 years ago

This sounds like someone really hurting. They need help quickly. Can admin refer them to someone before they do something stupid.

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