Revenge: 2

My Ex Wife and her Lies…. (just one for now, to many to do at one time)

Her lies to the Child Support Agency

On the 31st  January I made my application to the Child Support Agency (CSA), to assess Child Support figures. They calculate this on the amount of nights the child spends with each parent. The figure at the time was 2 nights with her mother since separation, (ie 2 nights out of 35 possible)

They then contacted her mum to verify this, who said it was 2 nights every week.  ie 10 nights, not 2.

This would have saved her mum about $80 per week in Child support payments.

The CSA then rang me back, to tell me about this big discrepancy.  Our daughter was with me when the CSA rang, so I asked her to confirm the truth.  After lying to the CSA, her mum then admitted her lies, and told the truth, and did not follow through with her objection.  Her daughter, by choice, did not spent another night with her mum for a long time after this.

Her mother then tried other tactics to avoid paying for her daughters upkeep, and avoid paying the legally correct figures.


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