Queensland State Election for 2015

Queensland State Election for 2015

On the 6th January 2015 the date of the 2015 Queensland State election was announced.

The earliest date possible at that time, was 31st January 2015, and the latest date that the election had to occur was 20th June 2015.  (Section 80 of the Queensland Electoral Act 1992 states that an election must be held on a Saturday, and that the election campaign must run for a minimum of 26 or a maximum of 56 days following the issue of the writs including the day the writ drops and polling day. The Act provides that the Legislative Assembly continues for no more than three years from the day set for the return of writs for the previous election, (23 April 2012). Therefore the last possible day for the 2015 election is therefore a Saturday within three years and 56 days after the expiry of the Legislative Assembly on 23 April 2015, ie: 20 June 2015.)

The current LNP government chose the shortest time, 31st January 2015, and in doing so gave us, THE PUBLIC, ONLY 25 days of ELECTION ADVERTISING (Promises, Truths and Lies) to listen to.

Premier Campbell Newman said Queenslanders did not want or need to endure months of “endless politicking”

That’s a good result for us 🙂

OK, it also means we have only got 25 days to decide who we want to rule the state again.

It isn’t the first time though, looking back to the 2004 Queensland Election – Labor premier Peter Beattie announced an election date on January 13 2004, with the election held on 7th February 2004, the same number of 25 days after his announcement.

A reminder of who has ruled Queensland over the years:

Election Dates and Winner

1 November 1986 – National Party (49 seats out of 89) 39.64% of vote
2 December 1989 – Labor (54 seats out of 89) 50.32% of vote
19 September 1992 – Labor (54 seats out of 89) 48.73% of vote
15 July 1995 – Labor (45 seats out of 88) But… Labor got 42.89% of the vote with Lib-Nats 48.99%
13 June 1998 – Labor (44 seats out of 87) 38.86% of vote (One Nation got 22.68%)
17 February 2001 – Labor (66 seats out of 81) 48.93% of vote
7 February 2004 – Labor (63 seats out of 84) 47.01% of vote
9 September 2006 – Labor (59 seats out of 84) 46.92% of vote
21 March 2009 – Labor (51 seats out of 85) 42.25% of vote
24 March 2012 – LNP (78 seats out of 87) 49.66% of vote
31 January 2015 – To Be Advised

Summary: (Since 1989)

22 years of Labor
3 years of LNP

What are the Important things to the average Queenslander?

Health Waiting Lists is a major one that many have mentioned.
Unemployment is another.

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